Stellar Tips and Keynote, PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Stellar Tips and Keynote, PowerPoint Presentation Templates from

Presentations are a necessity in the modern business world. It’s a great way to showcase a variety of information while you present your idea. When crafting your presentation you will want build a clear, concise message to keep it memorable and inviting. In order to do that you need to combine a compelling message with eye-catching imagery and data. In addition to a few helpful tips on crafting the perfect message for a presentation, below are 16 stellar presentation template designs you can use immediately to add a modern, professional touch to your personal message.

Tips for crafting the perfect presentation

  • Keep It Simple.

    Minimize the amount of bullet points and content on each slide. Break it up into bite size chunks that make sense on screen – this allows you to shine during your presentation. Remember – you are giving the presentation – not the template. Your slides should be a supplement to your personal message. Even if you are creating a presentation for the web – take advantage of using an audio track to make your message more compelling.

  • Avoid Using Cheesy Clip Art.

    I cannot stress this enough – avoid cheesy, out of date clipart at all costs! There are so many great resources out there where you can find beautiful, professionally crafted icons, illustrations, images and stock photography – there is no need for crappy clip-art. (and now you know our stance.)

  • Use Charts That Make Sense.

    While I definitely suggest showing stats and data in presentations – the important thing to remember is to showcase the right chart or graphic for the right information. If the information is vast and your chart is so small it’s hard to see in print format – you need to find an alternative way to express your information.

  • Animations and Transitions are awesome – but use sparingly.

    Don’t get me wrong – transitions can be a very necessary thing to make a point in your message. However, too many of them can overwhelm the viewer and do the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Keep the animations and transitions limited and your presentation will give a more professional flare.

So now that you have a great presentation written out and you’ve followed the tips above – what next....

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