Step 1

Step 1 of my "stop thinking about it and just do it" process: Blow up my exercise ball. It is truly mine, I have owned it for over a month now. It's been hanging out with me, in its box, while I Facebook and do school work. Today it came out to play. Cailen, my 17-month-old enjoyed watching me blow it up and bounce on it, giggling like a kid. I dug up an issue of Fitness magazine I've been saving for 3+ years and picked a workout. Damn if it didn't include an exercise ball. This must be fate. I will do the 30 minute workout and I will get up tomorrow at 6:00, yes, 6:00 and go for a jog. Exercising 30 minutes a day x 2 will do the trick. I've always known this.Why wait to the ripe old age of 32? Well, before my 3rd baby I was naturally in shape but  now that my work involves sitting ALOT, things have changed. Ok, enough thinking, time to get going.


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