Step 5: Reinforcing and Rewarding Good Decisions

My favorite exercise guru is Burr Leonard. She designed The Bar Method, and has a wonderful outlook on health and wellness. She makes an excellent point about what defines “her moment” and it doesn’t involve chocolate. Sometimes we overindulge in brownies, crème filled donuts or an enormous plate of French fries. Most people want the delicious taste more then they want the increased energy and health from better nutrition. Defining your own wellness path means you will be facing choices every single day. Those choices decide whether you will be staying on your path or abandoning your path. How do you make good choices?

One way to break the cycle of seeking short term gratification is to reward yourself in ways that do not involve food. Be creative.  Make sure the reward is something that you really enjoy. It could be a manicure, downloading a new song, making plans with close friends for an upcoming event, watching the sunset with your family, or buying a huge bunch of your favorite flowers. The point is find things other than unhealthy foods to reward yourself.

Did you know that good decisions light up the brain differently then bad decisions on an MRI scan? According to the University College of London it takes 66 days to form a new habit. So give yourself time to make those new habits stick and keep rewarding yourself for good decisions.

Be the Path!


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