Stephanie Stiavetti

Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant

Stephanie Stiavetti is a food writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. While she now makes her living as a culinary wordsmith, in another lifetime she spent nearly a decade working in the IT/tech field for such big names as Lucasfilm and the University of California, San Francisco. Unable to completely cast off her geek-side, she now has one foot in each camp: creative writing and blogging technology. Besides maintaining the writing career that she loves so much, Stephanie keeps her left brain in shape by acting as an internet social networking consultant. What does this mean? Basically, she gets paid to ease her clients into a comfortable social networking strategy. This includes tasks such as configuring complicated blog scripts, moving sites from one blogging platform to another, and helping people to drive traffic to their sites. She's become quite the empress of SEO and enjoys training people on the finer points on Google Analytics.