Stephen Harper and the Industrious Beaver

It was this week the people went to the polls and elected Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a majority government. It was a surprise to many fellow Canadians and Political pundits that the Conservative machine won the vote of the people. It’s a question which left many people wondering how did this happen?

The only answer is Stephen Harper is like the industrious beaver never giving up or admitting defeat. In the past seven years he has toiled with minority governments making parliament his warm wooden home. It is with his plain stubborn determination that he turned a group of bickering Progressive Conservatives into a well oiled machine that towed the party line.

Unfortunately, our sly fox Michael Ignatieff, was unable to capture the elusive beaver and was too wily to bond with fellow Canadians. It was Jack Layton the rabbit in the night that snuck up on the fox stealing all of his loot and what was left of his party platform. The rabbit hopped and he bopped across Canada convincing Canadians that he was the fella who would represent their values.

The porcupine who has also been welcome into the house.She will observe, vote, and do her best to focus on changing Canadians view on the environment rallying for a more green society. Elizabeth May is also ready to have her prickly needles on guard and keep all of the good old boys in line.

I can say this with glee! It was the skunk that got his curmudgeon! He finally shown his stripe to fellow Quebecer`s they could no longer stand the stench of Duceppe’s politics and gave him the boot. So long Skunk!

Many Canadians are unsure of how the Canadian landscape will change with a conservative majority. What will happen next is anybody’s guess…

However, Stephen Harper is just like the beaver working to build this own legacy changing the shape of the Canadian Landscape. But will that landscape turn into a beautiful meadow or a mosquito infested pond? Is the question weighing on many Canadian minds.

How do you think the Canadian Landscape will change under Conservative majority?


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