Stepping Out and Keeping a Count with a Steps Counter


One of the ways I try to keep fit is by counting my steps each day with a steps counter. A steps counter is a device that tracks how many steps you take a day based on your personal length of stride. These devices called steps counters are made by a variety of companies and come with many different options for counting and tracking steps, as well as your personal health growth in this area of your life. For me, Stepping Out and Keeping a Count with a Steps Counter is a great way to track my activity levels and stay healthy!

                        Image: Courtesy of jodee Weiland

Many people lead what could be called sedentary lives. In other words, they lead lives with either no physical activity or very little, and on top of that they don't incorporate any physical activity to balance out that lack of physical activity.

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Jodee Weiland


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