Stepping Out: A Necessary Time-Out for Moms

When I can count on my one hand how many times I've been out on my own without kids in the last few months, I get scared. Not a scream-in-the-dark-because-there's-a-monster-in-the-closet scared, but scared I'm getting crispy around the edges.
Parenting takes time, and there never seems to be enough of it to give kids. We blink and they seem to be walking, riding bikes, asking for car keys, and off to college before we know it. Balancing how much quality time versus the quantity of time is a tough juggling game. My child with special needs adds an extra time-sucker to my day.

I put "go-out" on my to-do list, and I make a step to do something for myself. Walk, run, go to a neighboring town and see a movie - anything that has absolutely nothing to do with speech therapy, teen fiction, or making meals. When the kids are in good hands, I don't think about them much. It's a good experience for them to navigate bedtime routines without me. They realize they are fine. And, I realize I am still a regular ol' person beneath all that there is to do.