Stepping Outside The Box

Although we may be tempted to try new things, we often times hold back because of our insecurities. Instead of being open to new experiences, we stop short of truly participating and remain observers in life. It seems safer to watch others make mistakes, rather then make a mess out of our own. But what are we learning by sitting on the sidelines. If we don’t step outside the box, we won’t ever know how far life can take us. We are our worst enemies by limiting ourselves of opportunities that await us. The universe has a plan for us, we just need to step beyond our comfort zone to see it. Today, take a risk by doing something different. Choose a new path from the one you normally take. Challenge yourself by experiencing life knowing that something exciting is just around the corner.

Experiencing new things doesn’t always have to be scary…

  • (I love traveling because there is always something I’ve never seen or experienced before. Stepping outside of the box is exciting to me, but I guess there is a few seconds of trepidation moments prior. Being anxious just makes me research even more and you know how much I love to research. By the time, I leave for a new place, I know the best restaurants, tourist spots, museums and current events going on. Maps and info in hand, I’m on my way. I can’t wait for my next trip.)

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