Stepping Up To The Plate - Penn State Crisis

Each day a new horrid twist or turn is reported about the Penn State child abuse case. Today's breaking news focused on the assistant coach Mike McQueary. Mr. McQueary said he had reported the abuse to the local police back in 2002. Yet no action was taken. Later on in the day, the news media reported that the local police deny ever having received his report….. and on and on it goes.

Sourcing a trust worthy role model in this crisis has been a challenge!  I wonder who will emerge from this community to help with the recovery process? I sincerely believe someone will, at least to get the ball rolling……so then others may have the courage to step up.

There is much to heal and lots to learn from this crisis. It's time for everyone involved to set the record straight, stop worrying about law suits and move into taking responsibility, maybe then healing can begin.