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I have this habit of waking up and deciding to completely change my current ways of doing things. Usually these impulse decisions revolve around diet/exercise. I’d immediately start pushing myself hard on the treadmill and tell myself I couldn’t eat more than 1000 calories a day. I guess you could call it an attempt to quit cold turkey my unhealthy lifestyle.

SO not sustainable. SO not healthy. It never actually worked.

But then about a month ago, I made it a goal to get back into running. Not the kind of running where I push myself on the treadmill to go three miles or bust. Most times I’d end up feeling guilty that I couldn’t go three miles and then find some reason to not work out the day after. This time, I told myself to take it easy. Start by walking/running a mile, and don’t think about time. The next week, start by walking less and running more of that mile. These little increases have been working, and now I find myself playing a game where I try and out-run myself by just a little bit, every day. It’s done wonders for my motivation.

The other thing I started was to actually quit being lazy and un-bookmark I started planning meals before the week started, and cooking every day. That’s EVERY DAY (excluding weekends). Totally unheard of in my life. This advance planning makes me think about recipes and what goes into making my food, because if I’m going to actually spend time preparing a meal, I’m going to also spend time figuring out how to eat healthy. The two go hand in hand.

Anyway, in order to keep myself on track, I decided to participate in a 5K (about 3.1 miles). The 5K is put on by an awesome organization called Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC), which endeavors to help individuals with autism spectrum disorder to live meaningful and fulfilled lives in society. To accomplish this, QSAC develops and provides educational, habilitation, residential, support, and recreational programs to meet the needs of persons with autism and their families, throughout the New York City metro area. As I’m a member of the Junior Board for this wonderful non-profit, I could choose between helping with the more administrative efforts for this race or actually fundraise and run.

Guess which route I took? :)

That’s right – I’m running this! The event will take place on April 16th, and after a month of baby steps I can proudly report I can run almost 3.5 miles without stopping. Granted, it’s not very fast (12 minute miles) but I’m hoping to have a faster time by the time the date rolls around. In either case, I’ll just be happy to fundraise for a great cause. The organization is run by great people and really are doing a huge service to the underserved autism community here in NYC.

If you can spare $5 or $10 (or really, any amount) I would be so greatly appreciative! Already I have some donor money coming in from my family, and the response has been more than I expected.

I am such a lucky person and so blessed, I would love to pass on my joy to others who need some happiness and help in their lives. Help a sister out?

Click here to donate to my fundraising page!


With Love, Mah. 


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