Stern denies Chris Paul trade to Lakers

I'm a LA native and not a Lakers fan (Clippers fan). But I had to get excited about the news that the Lakers were trying to get Chris Paul from the Hornets. While I'm not a Laker fan, it's always exciting when a home team shows that they are actively trying to get better. Especially considering the embaressing show last year in the playoffs. 
The trade was to send Odom to the Hornets and Chris Paul would come to the Lakers. Only Stern decided to reject the trade and stop it from happening. This has sent a ripple of reactions accross the sports world because the NBA actually owns the Hornets. The quote is, "declined to make the trade for basketball reasons."  In this case, Stern is not acting as a third party, but an owner that knows his team will be seen as less valuable without the superstar. 
Now some owners are speaking up and basically what we are hearing is that they don't want to see the Lakers rebuild. They want things to be "fair". Not sure where "fair" comes into a league. The idea of competitive balance came up during the NBA lockout. It's a scary concept. That teams in large market areas, will be kept from obtaining stars they can pay for because it's not "fair" to smaller market areas that can't attract stars as easily. To that I say, look at what Oklahoma Thunder is doing. But really, if the small market team is having issues with ticket sales etc,...shouldn't that team just go under? Why does the league as a whole have to get affected by teams that can't be supported by their city?
A very dangerous precedent is being set right now that can really alter how the NBA runs. It's pretty scary as a fan of the NBA as a whole.  At this point, only one of the possible two Lakers that were involved in this trade showed up to Laker Training camp today. It's rumored that Chris Paul will not show up for training camp and instead is looking at legal options to sue for unfair corporate practices. 
Today teams were supposed to be back at training camps. A happy day for the NBA has turned into one of confusion/alienation and them vs us mentality. The NBA has a very large problem on their hands and I'm not sure they can recover. 
At least I have MMA this weekend,
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