Steve Jobs Steps Down as Apple CEO: Women React

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Laura Scott shared her reaction on Google+, saying,

Some megacorporations dominating the business world touch our lives in obscure ways we never see. Think Lloyds of London. Some in ways we see but only through the wrong end of a telescope. Think Standard Oil. And some touch us in ways we see every day, in surprising ways that delight us and entice us. That's Apple. Steve Jobs touched us more than any other CEO. That's really something.

TNW has an ongoing and ever building page of reaction to Jobs' resignation – some of it from women.

On Google+, Liz Henry pointed to a story at Stirrup Queens called Life Changing Emails. It's a story from last April about an email that Steve Jobs sent to The Stirrup Queen's son. She's talking about it again in Steve Jobs is Apple's Dumbledore. If you haven't read it yet, but sure to – it's a great story.

Sarah Granger's Google+ comment was,

Unlike everybody else who's posting tonight, I don't have any memories of Steve Jobs to share having never met him, but I did come across my Apple II+ receipt this past weekend while going through old paper files and just seeing the old logo brought back fond memories from childhood. Great products create loyal customers for decades and I definitely appreciate all that's being said about Apple's commitment to innovation and Jobs's eye for detail. There are many reasons I still buy Apple products and own Apple stock. Brilliant engineering is just one of them.

Regarding a page of Jobs' patents at the New York Times, @ChelseaVPeretti asks,

Is it normal for this to make you want to cry? #stevejobsThu Aug 25 15:04:02 via web

City Mama wrote Steve Jobs a Thank you letter. She said, in part,

Thank you, Steve Jobs. Thank you for creating products that make our lives easier. Thank you for imbuing each and every one with your passion and enthusiasm. Thank you for never having to make me deal with printer drivers. Thank you for iTunes. Thank you for my MacBook which is sheer magic to use. Thank you, even, in some way, for Toy Story and Cars.

I wish you happiness and peace and much better health, and hope you are around to continue inspiring us for a long, long time.

For the sake of an opposing viewpoint, A.V. Flox made a funny video with her non-Mac product.

Do any of these reactions match your own? What do you think about Jobs' resignation?

Speculating on Apple's Future

Of course, everyone from owners of the smallest iPod Shuffle to major Apple stockholders want to know how Apple will fare under Tim Cook's leadership. We want more wonderful products, more innovation, and more time with Apple as the world's most important company. What we don't want is change. We're loyal to Apple as it is now.

I haven't linked to any of the business people who are talking about Apple's future, because it A) is mostly men, and I'm looking for women's reactions, and B) it's all just guesswork. I'm taking a "time will tell" approach. I'll give Tim Cook the benefit of the doubt and hope that he can keep the Apple legacy moving along the way Steve Jobs would.

I'll be loyal to Apple to a long time to come. What about you?

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