Steve Pearce is an Asshat

The is the time of year when people remember to slam one of the most significant fictional characters every created – Scrooge. Everyone knows to abhor Scrooge because he is selfish, embittered, solitary, and unsociable with no more concern for his fellow man than a whelk. He was the epitome of Victorian England’s version of Wall Street. In short, he sucked the hairy meatball.

Nevertheless, I maintain that there is something out there much worse than Scrooge. At least Scrooge voluntarily subjected himself to every penury and lack of comfort he visited upon Bob Cratchit. He was thoughtless of others but he was also thoughtless of himself. Money, not ego, was his only love. He worshiped Mammon, but got no benefit from it. For that reason he is a slightly less bitter pill for me to swallow than the bloviated plutocrats currently destroying the country. They deny themselves nothing. The feel they are entitled to ever luxury, from an $8000 handbag to a $9000 bathroom trash can. They worship Mammon and reap the rewards of their evil devotion.

Here’s a good example of that sort of goat-taint-licker: New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce. Good ol’ Steve Pearce, a Teabagger Republican of course, is one of the richest members of Congress, which is saying a lot. Cutting food stamps won’t hurt him a bit. He dines on finer fare. Thus, he voted cut them food stamps in spite of the fact that almost “one out of every four children in New Mexico lives with hunger daily. New Mexico leads the entire nation in child poverty according to a 2010 Census. The cuts to SNAP Pearce supports would likely affect 37, 106 households making an average of merely $16,959 annually. Of those households, 61% include children under the age of eighteen. Some of the most impoverished in these districts leading the nation with such disgrace, remember, live in Pearce’s district”.

Well, that is bad enough. On the scale of good to total asshat Steve Pearce clearly busts the scale into twatwaffle. However, he is even skankier than he would seem at first pass. It turns out the sumbitch eats “as much as $170 lunches with taxpayer earnings, even stooping to reimburse himself for as little as $2, too.” That’s right. Mr. Cut Back On Government Expenditures, the same guy who advised his constituents “to lead by example. Tighten your own belt and you’ll find yourself a winner as these cuts happen”, he hasn't tightened his belt by so much as $2.

So, poor people and middle class people can tighten their belts while you enjoy the lush meals they paid for? Huh. Steve Pearce, you do indeed suck a much hairier meatball than ever Scrooge feasted upon. I have to wonder if you watch commercials about starving children while eating popcorn. You seem the type. You know. Heartless and greedy and completely devoid of empathy. In fact, Steve Pearce, I suspect you may actually be a psychopath of the narcissistic variety. I’m just basing that idea on your hubris and self-aggrandizing demands for entitlements even while you are harming others.

Steve Pearce, you are vile.

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