Steve Spangler: AWESOME

My latest internet obsession is Steve Spangler,
the science guy who introduced that awesome Mentos/Diet Coke geyser
experiment to the world. I am also seriously addicted to internet
contests, due to my recent winnings, and over on Steve Spangler Science, there is a fun contest going on.

of you with children - get over there RIGHT NOW and click on every
single link. Sign up for the "Experiment of the Week" - it's FREE. Make
a comment and enter the contest!

I am so all over the "free." All OVER it, I'm telling you. I seriously dig free.

I was a little kid, I used to mix together all kinds of things in the
kitchen, just to see what would happen. I was particularly fond of
anything that had to do with baking powder and food coloring.

Steve Spangler has hundreds of experiments that you
your kids can do in the kitchen or out in the back yard, and none of
them cost very much if anything at all. With ingredients in your
pantry, you and your kids can make the dry paragraphs in a science
textbook come alive.

Kids love to make messes, blow things up,
pop things across a room, stick their hands up to the elbows in goopy,
swirly glow-in-the-dark goo, and make loud noises. Here's your chance
to encourage just such conduct, only with educational objectives as
your goal.

Ah, obsessions. Steve Spangler, won't you be mine? Sigh.

Check him out. He's incredible!

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