Stick a Fork in Me.. cuz I'm DONE

Today, I decide to live in the moment.
Tomorrow, I may change my mind.

Today, I decide to screw loneliness.
Tomorrow, I may decide independence sucks.

Today, I am a determined sack of emotionless courage.
Tomorrow, I may be a whirlwind of emotions lost in the abyss of "he's just not that into you."

Today, I am putting my foot down for men who don't find me worthy of their attention.
Tomorrow, I may be devoid of life or energy and settle.

Today, I declare defeat with a white flag that says.. men in my life who toy with my emotions and don't really like me, let me just be.
Tomorrow, I may change my mind.

Fickle? Yup. Psychotic? Yes sir. The girl you would never call your girlfriend? Right on. It's okay.. in my spare time, I make scrumptious cookies for my family and friends.

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