Sticks and Stones...

Sticks and Stones....

We all remember, thought we've tried to block it out. Mean kids, saying terrible hurtful things.Things that made us want to cry, lash out, or sometimes just curl up into a ball and cease to exist.

Those of you reading this managed to somehow make it through, yet every day kids do the unthinkable and end their lives, all because of words; unkind words. I would like to challenge each and every one of you to read a post, by a formerly bullied kid HERE and remember. Remember what it was like for you as a kid...Were you the bully? The bullied? The kid who shrank from confrontations lest they be directed at you? Remember, and share with your kids. I think a huge piece of this equation is letting our kids know that this IS survivable, that we understand, we've been there in one form or another and can relate. We know their pain and survived it. We know it sucks, and we know those kids who are so cruel will eventually be held accountable.

Go.....remember, share, and hug your kids extra tight tonight



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