The Stifling of the Seas: It's Just Not for Me!

My husband and I were elated when we discovered his parents planned on being in Florida at the same time with us. They  thought it would be the  perfect way to escape the cold and spend time with their grand kids.

They also offered to watch the kids so Mr. MBA and I could go on a cruise!  It seemed like the perfect getaway! Seven days of  us time! Sailing out on the open seas!

Neither of us had been on a cruise before and everyone told us we would love it! Perhaps, our expectations were too high! But we didn't love it! Don't get me wrong - It was a great trip! We got to sample several unexplored destinations. 

 But on board the ship we  felt like we were herded cattle, waiting in line, showing our sea pass card every five seconds...You would walk to the pool to find no chairs, go to the top deck, to be crammed next to a gazillion other people, up, close, and personal with the all of their unmentionables.

Of course, the food and the service was amazing! But we realized we  like the feeling of being in one destination, exploring our surroundings, escaping the crowds by walking on the beach or in a park, trying off beat restaurants, and bartering in the neighboring market place.

Unfortunately, on a cruise ship you don't have that opportunity to explore , instead  you wander down the over-priced promenade with the feeling of passing time at an airport.  I believe traveling  is about exploring unknown territories and escaping your own  cornered box. Freedom of the Seas didn't feel like it  owned up to its name.  And it was a very stifling experience.

 It was great to escape the cold, spend time with my husband, but it also felt great to get back on land. Where I didn't have to be told when to eat, when to be back on ship, or how much extra something costs. I guess cruising isn't for everyone! But I'm glad I had the opportunity to test it out, visit the Eastern Caribbean, and begin making plans for next winter vacation.

 St. Martin here I come! And it won't be just a six-hour stop!


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