The Stigma About Size

Awhile ago I remember a magazine (either Cosmo or Glamour - cos those are the only two I read on a regular basis) published photos of a woman who they said wasn't skinny.

But then the following month a lot of reader comments said something along the lines of "How dare you publish this obviously thin woman and act like she's average? I don't look anything like that!!"  

Can I be honest? It was upsetting. She was a size twelve. 

And yet women were saying she wasn't representative of real women.

That's ludicrous.

I wear a size eight...what does that make me? According to women responding to a magazine article, it makes me this tiny being who does not count as a REAL woman because I'm so small? But then according to high fashion am I plus sized cos I'm not a size two? 

I hate hate hate that in society there's something wrong with being WHATEVER size you are as long as you are there healthily.

I do not support people starving themselves to be a teeny tiny size but I do have a best friend who is a size zero and it would take extreme amounts of effort to gain weight (she's 5'0 and very small frame - same as her mom). I also do not support people who are unhealthily overweight and think it's okay despite the medical problems that come with it. 

I support women who work out. But I also support it when they skip a work out. Even if they skip three work outs straight, cos that's life. And it happens. I support them when they don't give up just because they skipped some workouts.

I support women who eat healthily. Who make sure to eat lots offruits and vegetables and protein and all those things that you need. But I also support it when they go to the movies and eat a box of swedish fix and some popcorn. Because you can't always eat 10 almonds at the movies and act like that's what you really wanted.

I support women who listen to what their body wants and needs.

I support women who don't get down on other women for being a certain size. Because every woman is facing her own struggle. I may be a size eight but it doesn't mean I'm not a real woman nor does it mean I'd be a plus size model (if I were to go into modeling I mean haha).


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