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I should have known "Getting to Happyy" meant that even though we were hopeful for these women 15 years ago, they weren't quite happy yet. Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy reunites us with the girls from Waiting to Exhale, now in their 50's. We jump back into the lives of Robin, Bernadine, Gloria, and Savannah and find out what has taken place, and where they go now.

Robin, our adventurous lover of the down and dirty, is now a single mom of a teenage daughter Sparrow (yeah, I had a hard time with the Robin/Sparrow thing, too, I keep picturing birds). Robin is still alone and lonely, filling her needs by shopping excessively and trying to find THE one via internet dating. Sparrow brings fresh drama all her own.

Bernadine, re-married, is finding out that it takes more than love to make a relationship work, it takes being blind to the fact that your second husband was never who he said he was. Literally. He even had another wife with a different last name. With divorce #2 in place, she needs to find herself again....again. She finds that being over-medicated helps her deal with her life, but realizes that its also helping her miss important moments.

Savannah found the man of her dreams, yet after ten years infidelity rears its ugly head. I had a hard time accepting her complaints about her husband and her reasons for considering divorce. Yes, some things he does are definitely inexcusable, but come on! What wife would really feel let down if he doesn't want to watch crappy TV drama with you... or even worse yet, vote Republican when you're a Democrat (gasp!). The biggest problem I would not be able to overlook is that he has secretly gotten himself into debt over his head and constantly asks Savannah to bail him out.

My favorite character Gloria, is the one I really feel for. She has a man who loves her for who she is, he doesn't cheat on her, he doesn't lie or squander their money. They are happy. Or at least they were until tragedy strikes. I was saddened that not one of these characters could keep the happiness they thought they had.

Still the best of friends, the ladies get together and vow to live to make themselves happy, despite the efforts of everyone around them to bring them down.

Getting to Happy is a lot of drama packed in one novel. There were many parts I enjoyed, but there were many I didn't. The dialogue among the characters, while I suppose trying to make it seem everyday, just made me want to skip ahead to where things were happening again. A two page conversation about current movies wasn't really the sweet spot, but gave it a just-like-us feeling. I wanted everyone to BE HAPPY, but then again, who says life is perfect? I'm glad it's not a "Hollywood ending" for these characters, yet throughout the book, as annoying as I found them sometimes, I was still rooting for them. Here's to Getting to Happy for all of us!


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