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We're still going and you know what? Itís getting easier! Hallu-loo-yer.

The first 2 weeks were killer getting back into exercising regularly and slowly reforming my normal eating habits, but itís feeling more ìnormalî now, which is a good thing. Letís talk about some more good & bad:

GOOD: In the first week especially, I would do great for about 2 days.

BAD: Then on the 3rd day, I would be eating great in the morning, get stressed out in the late afternoon, all of a sudden just say to heck with it and binge on whatever I could get my hands on in the pantry: coconut flakes, chocolate chips, graham crackers. Then I would feel awful, but think the day is wasted anyway who cares?

GOOD: BUT I came across this quote on Pinterest and it rang truth in my ears:

smash phone

It has helped me get over my moments of weakness and not turn them into days of weakness. Love that Pinterest.

GOOD:Don't they say that it takes 21 days to break a habit? I can feel things changing, and that is SO good.

12 weeks
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One of the biggest things Iím noticing is that my cravings are changing. As in, when I drive past a McDonaldís now, I donít all of a sudden want one of my favorite treats in the world: 3 of their warm, gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies with an ice water for $1.06. Or a Dairy Queen:an order of onion rings (with extra honey mustard, thank you) with a cherry dilly bar. Thatís huge for me!! I drove past the other day, and thought, ìthat doesnít even sound good right now... and that was awesome.

BAD: The scale didnít budge the first week. So disappointing. Stupid program..why am I doing it anyway??

GOOD: But this week, Iím down a total of 3 pounds and 2 inches and that is VERY motivating. Iím starting to feel strong and healthy. What an awesome program BlogHer has put together!! :)

One last GOOD: I found these like new running shoes for $4 and then looked them up online to see that they are $120 new score! Run girl run.

january 2012 069 1

So my 2 words for this week are: KEEP GOING!

Alysa, our heart health trainer is giving us some challenges each week, and sheís going to be switching things up from here on out to mix in some strength & flexbility training. Here is the first strength workout and flexibility will come next. She is awesome. BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness page is here~you can join us on the road to health anytime!

How are your health goals coming? What's been good and bad for you?


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