Still Sad

Now that there is more coverage on the bombing in Boston I'm even more sad about it than I was yesterday.  I guess I just can't understand why anyone would want to hurt people.  These runners and spectators were or all races, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientations and economic situations.  They were all there to run or to cheer on a loved one in the race.  There was just joy and love and good will at that race.  What could possibly g through someone's head that these (or any) people should suffer.  Maybe it's just the old hippy in me but can't we just love one another.


So, in other and more joyful news.  I've got a project off the needles.....


Cindy's socks


These are the socks that I've been knitting for my sister's birthday.  Let's not mention that her birthday was February 27th.  I had one of them done by then but the second sock just haunted me.  I think that the choice to do the entire leg in a 2x2 rib was the kicker.  AAARRRGGGHH!!!  Never again.  So, they are done and I'm so ready to get them over to her house.  I just go off the phone with her and she's headed to bed for the day (she works nights).

Now I've cast on another pair of socks with the yarn my oldest daughter gave me.  It's so pretty I was hoarding it in my stash and just looking at it but now I'm so glad I started knitting it.  the colors are so pretty....

happy feet socks



Well, That's what is on and off the needles.  I'm just so loving the colors in that sock aren't you?


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