Still Smoke-Free...

I am definitely wanting a cigarette this morning...there is something about a cigarette with coffee that is just SOOOOO good :) However, i would like to run long-distances more...I feel that if i give in right now that i really didn't try that hard, which i have been guilty of in the past.

Why did i ever start to smoke? I remember ever feeling "cool" was always a pain to find places to smoke when i was younger, was hard to get them when i was underage, and was expensive. Yet, right now i am trying to justify having one once my husband leaves for work. Just one can't hurt right?? And of course, that will lead to one more and one more...sigh...this is a battle i have been fighting for almost 16 years now-i am so sick of it!!!

 It is later in the day now and i am not feeling the greatest. I have been eating alot of junk food, but i just can't worry about everything at the same time. I can't stress about qutting, losing weight and eating well or i will just crash. I know that with quitting smoking, i will have more energy and will be able to exercise a day or two of bad eating aren't going to kill me.

I am proud of myself for getting through today :)


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