Still undead: I'm breathing and I'm back

So some of you may have ready my stuff as "venice in winter", and thank you for that!  I'm still alive, and in one piece.  I missed this, and I had to come back!

I haven't blogged on BlogHer or under the old name in a very long time, even though I enjoyed it.  Fact is, I was getting pretty busy, and feeling really, really uninspired.  And not just uninspired, but disconnected from many things I loved.

This was a chaotic year and change for us...we moved twice, I broke a long unemployment spell and took a job I couldn't stand but bought me to one I like now (yay!).  But that was not without its own drama.   I spent what felt like two solid months crying on my couch in our new apartment, terrified we were going to loose it because I was convinced I was about to loose this much better (sanerbetter-paying) job.  Then, I'd consider my friends who were in even more dire straits than me, and feel guilty because I wasn't enjoying it.  This was a hard place to get out of.


 It took time.  It took a lot of time and a lot of love from spouse and family.  Eventually, I made myself do things again, even though I didn't see the point.  I made myself play with some beads, or write something silly on a screen.  I made myself go to the library and start picking at journal articles.  I started to play with tumblr.  I still drove myself crazy, but eventually I just ran out of freakouts.  I just didn't have the energy anymore to spend hours weeping.

Things eventually settled down, and I started doing creative things again, including re-branding the shop, its blog, and all social media presences related to anything creative. It seems silly and shallow, but it's paid off - I'll be tabling at a con this February!


So that's it for the moment:  where I've been, where I'm going.  Keep stopping by - there'll be more and more interesting or at least off-putting things.


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