Still Undecided In Wisconsin During Troubling Times

I still haven't made up my mind who I am voting for, although, I'm leaning Democrat, as I've been all along. However, I would like to see another issue addressed by both candidates: Guns. And it's not going to happen, is it?

Now I know that gun ownership and the right to bear arms is a constitutional right, but I don't think our founding fathers knew that there would be populations as high as ours are now in the cities of this great country and I surely don't think that they knew nut cases could and do own weapons.


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When we came home from the Cerec 25.5 convention in Las Vegas in August, we were greeted with a double rainbow, and the news that there was a mass shooting at the Sikh shooting Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. 
We have our fair share of murders here in the great city of Milwaukee, not quite as high as some cities, but it seems like every day when I wake up, there is news of another shooting on the north side. Many children have been accidental victims. Sometimes sleeping victims. 
But this is different. These last two shooting incidents were at a church and a beauty salon.
When we boarded the plane in Denver to come home last Sunday, I got a text from Nikki saying there was an active shooter at McDonalds in Brookfield. I fired up Twitter, shot off a tweet to our local news anchorwoman and started reading. The shooter was active, but at Azana Salon and Spa, not McDonalds. Another shooter.
I kept Twitter on as long as I could, turning my phone upside-down when the stewardess was headed in our direction. I was able to read and watch the story unfold on Twitter until we hit 20,000 feet. When we landed, I turned on Twitter as we taxi'd in and the shooter was still active. 
Once we got home, Michael watched the Packer game while I watched the news unfold. The news hadn't released the number of dead, although they said there were 7 people shot, including a pregnant woman. Brookfield Square mall was on lockdown, as well as Aurora Hospital where the victims were taken. There was thought to be an explosive device inside the salon that kept the SWAT teams from entering some of the area of the salon, so they didn't have a sure count of victims. It turns out that the shooter killed himself there at Azana and wasn't on the loose as the news had told us.
Did I mention this is my salon? That one of the dead had been one of my stylists there at Azana? Zina had been to court the week before, begging for protection, pleading with the judge, saying "I don't want to die". She knew her husband was going to kill her, he had told her he was going to shoot her and her daughters and set them on fire. Where was her protection? The judge revoked his right to own arms and was ordered to turn them in. The next day, he bought a gun on Craigslist. 
So Mr. Romeny, and Mr. Obama, what are you going to do to protect me here in Milwaukee? Now I don't feel safe going to church or the beauty salon. Two mass shootings have occurred here in less than 3 months. Can you tell me why there isn't a control to keep guns out of the hands of nut cases? Can you tell me what you are going to do to insure that another domestic issue doesn't trigger a mass shooting?
I know you both have bigger fish to fry (in your opinion) but what about our safety? What are you going to do to keep us safe from home grown nut jobs with guns? I know my chances of this question being answered are slim to none, but I just had to put that out there.


      Purple flowers in honor of the lives lost at Azana and the Sihk Temple. 

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