STINKY PEOPLE.....Dealing with BODY ODOR in the Workplace......


What do you do when someone has body odor? Really nasty bad body odor…..Day in and day out…Especially someone that you have to be around all the time….such as like someone you work with…..What do you do? Do you tell them or simply try to ignore it….?

Body Odor is one of those touchy situations one simply does not always know the best way to deal with…..Is it something the person can help? Or is it something the person cannot help (some people are on medications or have hormonal reasons). If they can help it should we say something? If they can’t help it should we say something?

Every situation is different. There are no clear cut answers or a one size fits all solution…..The key is to assess the situation to determine if it is appropriate or even safe to have this discussion with the person at hand…..Sometimes it can take a 3rd person to intervene…..especially if it is someone we work with or don’t feel comfortable approaching. If it is a boss, one runs the risk of being fired…..If it is a close friend one runs the risk of losing them or them being deeply hurt….It is simply not an easy decision to make….

One also has to think about the person being affected by another’s body odor…..They are affected too…Some body odors literally make us want to throw up….That isn’t right to have to be around a situation like that. In some cases I believe where we decide not to approach the person or situation the only solution is to “move away” from the person the best we can…..On one hand that is sad because it is the loss of relationship as well as inconvenience….One simply has to decide what is best….

Body odor or Stinky People is a big issue. Most people come across it at some point….Knowing what to do about it can be a tricky decision…..Just make sure you are fresh and clean to begin with…..You don’t want someone coming up to you telling you that you  are “Stinky….” And just remember how you would feel if someone was to tell you what you were thinking of telling them…..


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