Stones in the Road Blog


United Kingdom

We are two women. We have almost the same name, Suz (Suzanne) and Sus (Susan). We live a world apart, Suz in Australia and Sus in the UK. We each have a grown up daughter and we also have wonderful white dogs. We have an awful lot in common including this year both having been diagnosed with a serious illness: Suz with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Sus with Dermatomyositis (an autoimmune disease).

Both of us have been talking to each other about our symptoms and our experiences for a while now. It seems quite natural to put down those thoughts, feelings, fears and worries, so that others, going through similar things, can read about our experiences and maybe contribute with theirs in the comments – hopefully feel like they aren’t alone. Being told you have a serious illness is a scary thing: Even with the most loving family and friends, which thankfully both of us have, it is a lonely process, coming to terms with the shock of the change in your life. We want this blog to be comforting to others and cathartic to ourselves.