Stop Celebrity Victim Mentality. These people bring it on themselves.

This a quick summary of a more detailed post from my blog today on celebrities who complain about attention. Our culture is too concerned with what celebrities think and feel these days, and not concerned enough about 1 in 10 people being without a job. When will we learn to prioritize?

Hold Katy Perry accountable. If she doesn't want to have her breasts showing up all over the web, she needs to cover them up. If Britney Spears wants to cry on an interview about being "stalked", then she really should not be cashing in from her "come-back". Paris Hilton loves to act as if the paparazzi follows her every move, yet those movements are usually in extremely public celebrity events and parties. Why are any of these women complaining? While one in ten Americans aren't employed, these women are worth millions...

Our media is becoming more and more obsessed with celebrities. All the while our "real issues" are ignored or passed over. This is something that we've come to expect, but it's also something these celebrities are using to cash in even further. All the while, claiming they are victims of the media. If by victim, they mean they are getting more exposure and opportunities. My blog heavily criticizes celebrities, and I think that's something we should mainstream a bit more. These people suffer far less than average Americans, yet their "problems" are broadcast even on the most serious of media outlets constantly.

Weigh in if you like.


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