The Stop Community Food Centre -Night Market!

The Stop Night Market Friends Night Market Friends!

Thank you Jackie, for grabbing the tickets for The Stop CFC's Night Market. We've talked about the Stop Community Food Centre here on the blog before and so we were happy to support their beautiful community work with our bellies and our hearts! The weather, try as it might with a literal torrential down pour, could not deter eager foodies from arriving, umbrella in tow, for this event.

The Stop Night Market Rain? Pfft! It's no match for our foodie sensibilities!

The Stop's Night Market gathers some of Toronto's best restaurants in Honest Ed's alleyway for two nights. It's really the best way to visit old favourites, and discover new tastes! Here is small highlight of Night 1!

Most Veggie Friendly!

We bumped into more than a few veggie-only people along the way and this stop was very well received. Grasslands delivered one of the only strictly vegan options of the night. We loved the presentation of these. The Stop Night Market Grasslands "One of each please!" Jackie orders 3 of Grasslands gorgeous dishes.


Read more about our favourite dishes at Night Market at


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