Stop Crying Your Heart Out

*Title stolen appropriated from Oasis



I was pretty sure this month was THE month.


It wasn’t.


I wish I had the ability to not care or take it in my stride. But mostly to not care.


I don’t.


I know that the best thing I could do for myself would be to relax about it.


I’ve never relaxed about anything in my entire life. It seems like I would have to change my personality to start now. Note to self: change personality.


Tonight, I posted this on twitter:


Impressively I managed to wait 16 hours until I got back home before crying my fucking heart out*


It’s always the same. Only the name of the month changes.


*I rarely swear on twitter, or in any other written medium, because generally it’s my belief that swearing is lazy, and that a decent vocabulary is a far better idea. But there are a few situations, where nothing can be so perfectly expressed as through a swear word.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


Because the toddler is like the kryptonite of pity parties. And I could use some kryptonite.

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