Stop Hating On Your Body

Have you ever looked at your  body in the mirror and thought UGH…

My stomach is too bulgey, my ass is too lumpy, my thunder thighs have their own zip code, my triceps are like bat wings…and on and on.

I don’t know about you but I have spent countless hours over the years totally HATING on my body (especially my cellulite butt).

You know what’s weird though?

It seems like when you hate on your body your body hates you back.

It’s like it stops cooperating with you. You exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep and somehow your body STILL doesn’t look the way you want it to.

So a few years ago I stopped my body hater madness…just to see what it would be like. And holy shiznit did I see a big change for the better!

I brought in my amazing friend and chiropractor Dr. Julie Foster to chat with us about this because she’s lost 110 pounds all on her own.

WARNING! My cellulite arse makes a cameo in this video:

I don’t know about you, but hating on my body definitely made me miserable and didn’t make my body any better either!

So…wanna stop the body hater madness with me? Then do these 2 things:

1. Click to tweet this out to your peepsicles so they can cut it out too:
When you hate on your body, your body hates you back #stopthemadness

2. In the comments below tell us how you took Dr. Foster’s suggestion from the video

And if you have a friend or family member who hates on their body share this with them so they can stop torturing themselves too.

Help your people out, yo!

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