Stop - Listen - Pray

All over my house today I have little sticky notes that look like this:

Stop - Listen - Pray

I'm doing all I can to be more aware of the Lord's presence in my every day activities.  I've got to do something because it doesn't come naturally to me.  I need to practice and be more mindful of the Spirit.  These little notes remind me to stop what I'm doing or thinking, listen for His voice, and pray in and for all things.  I really want to talk to Him more, to discern and learn the sound of His voice, and to include Him more in my day-to-day life.  I believe St. Francis of Assisi called it "practicing the Presence". 

BUT these little sticky notes also remind me to stop my busy-ness, listen to my children, and pray for them while I'm dealing with them.  This is a little like Karen's Irritable Mother Survival Guide



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