Stop Online Beauty Smearing and Beauty Bullying

I was laying in bed asking myself what can I do to prove to everyone that I did not post this horrible comment, I realized aside from using my voice I really can't. I will probably never find out who did it, the night it happened I was devastated, yesterday I was angry, & today instead of being reactive I’m going to be proactive. I am not the only person that this kind of thing has happened to, & we can change passwords etc. but that won’t stop it from happening again to someone else. Cyber bullying is all too common in this day and age, & it seems to be happening more nowadays. So I was thinking hmmm what can I do to stop this well. I can do a lot. First, I want for all of us beauty bloggers, makeup artists, promoters, beauty companies big or small to come together and support one another. Second, I’m either going to create a group or page for people who have had this sort of thing happen before to share stories and support one another. Third, I want to create a badge or logo against online smearing of beauty pages etc and beauty bullying. I need help designing a logo and coming up with a name for it. This kind of thing has gone on long enough and now it’s time to put a stop to it, if you want to join me in this fight, comment below & if not, I'll do it alone. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Please share my below posts I want this to go viral !!!!!! I’ll post on all my social media sites. Let’s put an end to beauty bullying.