Stop With The Paycheck Fairness Bologna

The reason that women get paid less is because they don’t ask for what they’re worth.

I’ve hired upwards of 100 people in my working days. The majority being for the exact same job – promotional team member. You know, those people that hand out samples of some product at an event encouraging you to buy it? I hired them. I trained them. I organized the event. That was me. I was one of two promotional directors at an advertising consulting company. I was damn good at it to.

Whenever I hired someone, my standard package that I offered was $15 an hour and if they logged fifty hours they became qualified for a raise. That was it. I never had one woman negotiate pay with me. Never. Almost every male that I hired negotiated with me on some aspect of the package. Here’s the thing, for the right person – which was everyone that I hired – I could, in theory, pay $21 an hour. Anyone that negotiated pay with me always got more than $15 an hour. The other promotional director only offered $11 an hour.

I had a salary, but also a commission structure off the profits of every event. In theory, I could have paid less money to my team so I could make a higher commission. However, my staff kept growing, my events that I was in charge of kept growing, clients were requesting my team for more events because they were so successful. Eventually I overshadowed the other promotional director. I did my job better than him. I was paid more both salary and in commissions. Work smarter, not harder.

This is a little known fact; When companies hire you – they want YOU and they want to pay YOU as little as they can. Because its more money in their pockets.

I have always negotiated my pay and raises.The original salary they offered me was $5,000 LESS than than the other promotional director. I negotiated. My starting salary was $3,000 MORE than their original offer. Every review I’ve ever gone into, I’ve received more than even I believed I deserved. When you work hard at your job and can demonstrate a return on their investment in you, you have the power to negotiate.

Look at it this way, You want to pay someone to mow your lawn. You are willing to pay someone $50 to do it, the neighbor kid says he’ll do it for $20. Do you pay him the $50 as you planned or save the $30 bucks and buy yourself a steak dinner?  Women get paid less because they do not negotiate their salaries.

There is already a law that allows for women to bring suit against blatant sexist pay differences. This new legislation would require companies to justify every pay differential between a man and a woman.

Ladies, the moral of this story is that you don’t need the government to intervene. YOU need to take control and demand what you are worth.

Read about how the same people that brought the paycheck fairness legislation pay their female staffers less.

***  I wrote this post last night, I wasn’t going to publish it but then this morning one of my Democrat friends tagged me in this post on Facebook. That’s when I knew I had to publish this.***

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