Stop Punishing Man, He's Already Apologized

Mark Kemp | My Vulnerable Man

Men in general have become the subject of fierce backlash from women who feel they need to fight for their power and noticeability in this world.  In their foot stampede, women have left a trail of trampled hearts and bones, of those men who have been made to feel worthless, weak, and stupid.  Art reflects life, and we don’t have to look too far into movies and television to see this… the dufus father, the clueless husband.  While of course there are a few duds out there, our men are hard-working, strong, thoughtful husbands, loving fathers, and contributors to society.  I love my man, and I love holding him in that space.

One day, we’ll find our balance in society and stop the power struggle.  The pendulum will no longer swing and women will get tired of power playing.  We won’t need to shout about who we are or who we can be, because we will finally grow comfortable in knowing who we are.  Woman will wake up one morning and realize she is in a battle against no one, but herself.  Yes, yes, it was a valid battle to begin, but, hello… the war is over.  There is no need to keep punishing Man, he’s already apologized.  And frankly, he’s tired of his endless punishment.  (Just ask Alanis Morissette, she does a great song about this called, A Man.)

If we want a loving, vulnerable, hard-working, adoring man to love, or son to raise, we’ve got to stop treating them like imbeciles.  Give it a try.  Give him something to live up to.  Praise him.  Adore him.  Thank him.  Roar while you’re doing it, if you must.

Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

The Virgin Wife Chronicles


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