Did I Say It Was Okay To Use A Nickname?


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Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My friends insist on using a nickname for my son “Alex” but I prefer the full name “Alexander.” Should I just give up? He’s a baby, so nothing has stuck yet.


Who’s Naming This Baby Anyway?!



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Dear Who’s Naming This Baby Anyway?!,

The real question is, how tired are you? Because if you’re up every two hours at night with your baby, and dragging yourself through the day with a combination of café lattes, Red Bull and cat naps, you have no energy to convince people that your son’s name is “Alexander” and not “Alex.”

And it’s going to take some work. Because people have an irrational, unexplainable love for nicknames. If your name is Michael, they want it to be Mike. If it’s Kimberly, they want it to be Kim. I think the other Mouthy Housewives (Wen, Ton, Marin and Kri) would all agree.

Now if your baby is sleeping nicely through the night and you aren’t screaming at the grocery store clerk because the store is out of avocados and your fatigue has turned you into a complete lunatic, then you can do something about this.

When your friends refer to your son as “Alex” just casually say, “Oh we’re actually calling him Alexander. Not Alex.” I mean, I’m sure your friends have very busy lives, but too busy to add two extra syllables when addressing your son?! After a few reminders, they’ll start to remember.

This is your baby. And you get to name him. Until he’s in 7th grade and decides he wants to be called “Al” because it just sounds cooler. Then write TMH again and we’ll figure out what to do.


Kelcey (Not Kelc), TMH


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