Stop Telling Your Kid She’s Special All the Time– You May Screw Her Up Permanently

My mother calls us the “good job” generation; named after the almost fluid barrage of “good job” our generation of parents freely bestows on our children for even the most mundane task. “You washed your hands? Good job!” “You flushed the toilet? Good job!” “You didn’t kill the cat with a hammer? Good job!”

From a philosophical perspective, parenting in this generation in no way resembles parenting in any other previous generation. The current level of engagement expected by parents in our children’s lives has become unsustainable and frankly, a bit ridiculous.

Screwing Them Up in Increments

By arranging their play dates (way into middle school), scheduling every second of every day (including academic work), and feeling guilt (actual real crushing guilt) that Johnny doesn’t have the latest ((INSERT BLANK)) we stunt the emotional and social growth of our kids......