Stop Yelling At Me Mom!


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

How do I please my mum and get her to stop being pissed off at me?

Like when she gets off of work, she's happy-go-lucky. Then, an hour later she'll be like, "Why isn't this done, or why aren't the dishes in the dishwasher (when there's only a spoon in the sink)?" Some days she'll get really angry and be like, "It doesn't take two days to do laundry." By the way, I am homeschooled and schooled online which takes half the day.

How do I please her so she won't be so angry?

Daughter of a Mad Mum


tangled thoughts

Dear DMM,

There is a high level academic term for what your mother is dealing with. And it's called, "Holy crap, I am so damn tired and my house is such a mess and it's driving me completely bat crazy so I'm going to take it out on the next person I see." Or something like that.

Your mom is working, she's homeschooling you (I assume) and she's a parent. The lady is exhausted and unfortunately it sounds like she may be taking it out on you. Every parent does this to some degree.

Like, I'm a bit of a neat freak and I can only take so much chaos until I just snap and then all of a sudden, I'm yelling because there are pipe cleaners and tissue paper and markers all over the floor even though I told my daughters to stop playing with the iPod and go do some art for gosh sakes!!! It makes no sense, so on behalf of parents everywhere, let me apologize for our behavior.

Now on to a solution. First, set up a chore chart so it's clear to your mom when you are doing your chores. And make sure you do them. Second, when your mother is in one of these happy-go-lucky moods, sit down with her and express your feelings. Let her know you love her and are trying to please her, but it seems like she is always upset at you. She might not even realize how much damage her ranting and raving is doing to your psyche. If needed, go see a counselor together. This could help her learn to express her anger/frustration in better ways, instead of making you the target.

If she is not receptive to any of this, go talk to a trusted adult about the problem. Maybe an aunt or a family friend can help you work on a solution with your mother.

Good luck,
Kelcey, TMH


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