Stopping Can Be a Miracle

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BlogHer Spotlight: Debra Woog.

It can be easy to use words like joy, ease, effortless, abundance, but living them is a different story. Walking the talk is the real deal which is why life as an entrepreneur is really a spiritual practice whether you call it that or just a "growth opportunity". I love this post from Debra because she walks her talk and speaks of how burnout led to self-care for her during a particularly challenging time - a must-read for all women, especially working mothers.

So as much as I've been practicing living in connection with Spirit, I've also been burning out my power supply. Pretty consciously. Not willing to see a better way because I was convinced I was right: I was alone, solely responsible. And apparently, because I was fearful of upsetting anyone - especially my clients or loved ones - I clung to these beliefs.

But about a month ago my motor burned out.

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