Storage Options to save time and money

Now that you’ve saved using coupons, price matching and saving programs how do you store all those groceries once you get home? There are so many options and knowing your storage possibilities is important before shopping as well.  First decide where you will store your stockpile, where you will store non perishables, toiletries, and perishables. Knowing locations and space will help you decide if you need bins, baskets, can racks or a food saver. In my case I use all of these options I love my food saver because I use it like most people use space bags I take the air out of everything I store for the most part. I use it on food I freeze and food dry food and of course to store away extra tooth brushes and razors at times. Why use the food saver for non food items it makes storing them long term  easier it gives me more space in any closet or laundry cabinet.  Not to mention all those trial size shampoos tend to roll away so placing them in food saver bags make it easier to keep track. 

 I recently completed my one day a month shopping for groceries and toiletries.  My family loved mixed nuts in seas salt and trail mixes I mix them in to a large bowl store in a large mason jar with a measuring cup so when my kids serve they serve the proper serving. The remaining nut/trail mix is then sorted into food saver bags divided into a bag a week for a month so my family can go to the stockpile pull a bag and refill the mason jar on their own when it need refilling. This saves space and keeps my mix fresh.

 I do the same for individually packed out meal you know those instant oat meals kids love well I keep out about a dozen and freeze pack a dozen in each food saver bag when I open a large box of 48. This keeps the oatmeal from ripping in a cardboard box we all know by the time you get to the end of that oatmeal box there is always a ripped bag and oatmeal at the bottom of that box. I remove then as soon as I can food saver bag then and throw away the box this is so easy to store I can store 36 bags of oat meal in 3 storage bags and line them on in my stockpile like books on a shelf. This keeps them fresh and free of any insects.

 I still use storage containers, just for leftovers in the refrigerator, but not long term more than a week. If I plan on having left over night this week I’ll leave it in the refrigerator in container, if not I food saver bag it and freeze. The bins help to keep fresh vegetables  and  fruit accessible to everyone and help to keep track of fruits in the refrigerator  I think they actually last longer in the refrigerator when your family can see them and eat them they stay fresher and are eaten. I absolutely can’t stand it when fruits and vegetables go bad because they simply aren’t accessible and too expensive to waste. If I think my fruits is not going to be eaten soon or if I purchase more than I need right away I flash freeze it and use it later, more on freezing tomorrow.

 Can racks are my favorite way to store non perishables because they are
inexpensive allow so much more space and are accessible to anyone I send to my stockpile for anything I need. For someone who uses her stockpile everyday it’s important to me to keep it not just in order but easily access for not just myself but my family I can’t be the only one who keeps it clean and useful we all benefit from it so we must all do our part to maintain it. I think keeps helping with every aspect of couponing is important any age. Its important kids know what things cost how much you can save and how to make the most out of what you buy not to mention this is a life skill everyone needs to know about. You can start your littlest ones off with cleaning and stocking can food or cutting newspapers. I take my teenagers shopping with me so they can see the prices of items and learn how to coupon so they will be able to do it on their own someday, it’s an important skill everyone should know.  To download your directions for flash freezing visit the download page at


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