Storage Starved? 10 Tricks Anyone Can Use

When you have run out of space in your home, the easiest solution is to discard items you do not need. However, it is possible to keep a number of items in the small space available by using various tips and tricks. This article discusses 10 tricks anyone can use if they lack storage space in their homes:

1. Use Command Hooks to Hang Items

Command hooks enable you to hang items on your walls without creating needless holes and they can be removed quite easily. They are ideal for those living in rented houses. Command hooks can transform any wall on any part of the house into storage space. For example, hats, coats and purses that can be hung can be placed on these hooks, thus saving space in the closets.


2. The use of Adhesive Hooks to store Pot Lids and Save Space in your Cabinets

Pot lids are usually one of most difficult items to store in kitchen cabinets. Nonetheless, you can use a simple technique that will keep the pot lids well organised without taking up space on the cabinet itself and the countertops. You will only require some plastic adhesive hooks and these can be obtained from any department store. They are then attached on the inside of your cabinet door. This technique keeps the pot lids up off the base of the cabinet and gives them a nice place to rest on the inside part of the cabinet door. Ensure that the hooks are well spaced out so that the pot lids can rest on them without falling. Adhesive hooks are quite cheap and easy to install. They can also be easily removed, particularly if you want to move them around or want to move houses.


3. The use of Bed Risers to Enhance Under-the-Bed Storage

The space under your bed is ideal for storing items you want to keep within reach but you do not use regularly. Bed risers help to add a few inches to the space available underneath your bed. Once you have installed these (you may require help to lift the frame of the bed), you can stack storage boxes over each other or utilise bigger bins.


4. Converting Shoe Organisers into Vertical Herb Gardens

Vases and plant pots can take up too much space in your rooms. If you are looking for space for growing some fresh herbs for kitchen use, you can convert shoe organisers into vertical gardens, as long as you have a balcony railing with exposure to the sun. This storage tip is quite easy. Just purchase or recycle a shoe organiser (preferably canvas) and fill it with potting soil. Plant your desired herbs in each of the pouches. Ensure that your plants receive sufficient water and sunshine and the results will be amazing. 

5. Use Magnets on Every Item Possible

Magnets can be used to stick hair clips, nail clippers and other grooming accessories on the inside of your bathroom cabinet and save some space on the shelves. In the kitchen, you can also save space in your cabinets by designing a magnetic spice rack. You can purchase plastic jars with built-in magnets or glue the magnets to the existing jars and then fix a stainless steel sheet on the walls. Place your jars on the sheet in a vertical manner, but make sure that everything is firmly sealed to avoid them from falling down.


6. Purchase Projectors Instead of Televisions

If you are thinking of purchasing a new television set, scuttle those plans and go for a projector. Projectors not only take up less space, but they also provide a better quality entertainment system in your home. They can be mounted on the ceiling and its screen be placed on the wall of the entertainment room. Though choosing the right projector can be a daunting task, you can still get a decent model for under $1000. More so, they require slightly longer rooms, depending on the size of the display you are looking for, but once you switch them off, the floor space becomes totally free.

7. Slide Pantries Next to Refrigerators

People waste a lot of space between their refrigerators and the adjacent walls. Luckily, with some basic woodworking skills, you can construct slide-out shelf units that can fit between the fridge and the wall. You will require some dowels, a bit of wood, a couple of casters and a handle for this project. When complete, use these units to store boxed or canned goods, spices and other non-perishable food items that are not too big. For more efficiency, place the units on wheels so you can pull them out when you need them and slide them away after using.


8. Fix shelves into your Walls

If your house is rented, you must first get an approval from your landlord for this project. Walls can provide plenty of space in the home. Utilise this space by building shelves into your walls. Nevertheless, shelves have some pros and cons. While they may be perfect on walls that separate the dining room and the kitchen, they are not so great on walls separating bedrooms because they reduce the amount of noise insulation.


9. The use of Tension rods to Hang Clothes and Cleaning Supplies

Tension rods help to add more storage space to cabinets – they create extra room for storing wash cloths and spray bottles. They may also be fixed in closets to provide more room for hanging clothes or smaller pieces of clothing such as scarves or belts, if the space is limited. However, remember to leave enough room for your best clothes to hang loosely and not get badly creased.


10. Renting a storage Unit

You do not have to rent the largest storage unit; the smallest units can also do the job for you. The most important thing is that you use the space prudently. Pack your things all the way to the ceiling to take up all the available space. To stabilise the layers, place plywood across the boxes as you stack them up. This will take the pressure off the boxes at the top and help keep everything safe.



When looking for storage space tricks for your home, just think of the phrase “every room has eight corners”. With a little bit of innovation, you can make the space in your home look cozy, stylish and well organised, no matter the size of the room. Do not let a small space compromise the quality of life in your home.