Store Bought Chicken Stock or Homemade: Which is best?

homemade stock Vs. store bought stock

Which is better; a store-bought chicken stock or homemade? People generally get confused which one to choose from. Ideally people suggest to pick homemade stock for any recipe whether its soups or stew because in homemade you can control the use of sodium and salt in it. But what if you are running out of homemade chicken stock and you are in a position where you need stock immediately. Here you can’t think of preparing stock as it takes time to make it since making stocks and broths from the scratch is time consuming; at this time a store bought stock comes in handy.

There are some options of store bought chicken stock available in the market which are low in sodium and salt. One of the best thing about a store bought stock are its shelf life and ease in use. Just open the container and use. There are some chicken stock available in market which are a perfect blend of herbs and spices means you don’t have to season your soup and stew and can simply use the stock for the perfect authentic taste of that dish. In today’s post I will share the pro and cons of both i.e. store bought stock and homemade stocks!

Okay, I have to agree that homemade stock can make your food taste better and certainly looks better than store bought stock. However, one of the major issues with making stock at home is simply storing it. You can’t store a stock for more than 3 to 5 days in the fridge.

In my kitchen you will find all, whether its bouillon cubes, broths, store bought stocks and also homemade stocks too. I used them whenever it’s the demand of the recipe or if I am running out of stock with any of them. So it is important to note down how you going to use them. One of the all-time favorite store bought chicken stock is Knorr’s reduced sodium chicken stock, it contains 25% less sodium than the regular ones, low fat, cholesterol free and no MSG is added. It’s not just good for soups, but also for mashed potatoes, rice and pasta. The flavor of this stock is really commendable made with great perfection that it don’t loses not even a single flavor. Other than Knorr, I also like Swanson's Chicken Cooking Stock, Kitchen Basics Natural Chicken Stock, simply best for soups and stews.

Best thing about homemade stocks are they are inexpensive you can make stocks with chicken bones and leftovers too. In this you can also use vegetables of your choice, simply boil and add the seasoning as per your choice and need. Although boiling it in a right temperature is important. If you are adding any mild herbs over boiling and over cooking may destroy its flavors and aroma. On the other hand, these store bought stocks are boiled under supervision and under full control set of temperature by machines.

So what are the factors we are looking for?

  • Convenience – Ahhh... Here Store bought stocks are clearly a winner. It’s easy to store, got a better shelf life. And easily available whenever required.
  • Price – Well here home-made stocks wins the game, we usually have all the ingredients at home to make a stock and moreover in stock there is no wastage use bones, leftovers, vegetable remains and still able to make a nice stock.
  • Taste – Both are good, if you are using a good quality store bought stock with less sodium and salt. Extremely salty stocks and broth can ruined the taste. On the other hand, homemade are customized so you can make it as per your choice.
  • Health – Again you need to understand the nutritional values and salt added in the stock. A homemade stocks are better because you can make it as per your requirement and need. When it comes to store bought always go for low-sodium and products which don’t have MSG added into it.

Conclusion – A homemade stock is indeed a worth but if you are using a good quality store bought stock then it’s less time consuming and fuss-free thing to go for. It is advisable to check the chart given at the back of the product and choose carefully. Keep both at home, and if in case you are running out of homemade stock you know, you just need to stretch your hands to the shelves to pick the store bought stock container. So, what do you think?


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