Store-Bought Pie Dough Showdown: Do Any Compare to Homemade?

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Contender #2: Trader Joe's Frozen Pie Crust

Trader Joe's pie crust

Bought at: Trader Joe's (shocker)

Price: $3.99 (no price change)

Crust-building notes: This came out of the box in pieces, and went downhill from there. Whereas you could mend any tears in the Pillsbury dough easily, this dough did not want to reunify. It was a dough divided. Though it was much thicker than the Pillsbury, it was hard to roll thin, cracking around the edges and generally refusing to cooperate. Diva crust.

Tasting notes: Sweet. Too sweet for something like quiche. But the flavor was the least of TJ's problems—this crust baked up into a dry, structureless mess that crumbled into sugary dust—both the moment I touched it and then again when I tried to eat it. A scirocco in my mouth. I can handle hard-to-handle dough, if it bakes into something tender and buttery. This was the opposite of that.

I may just not be a fan. Faith at The Kitchn really loves her TJ's crust, and Baking Bites gives it a generally favorable review as well, but I honestly don't feel like trying it again, even for science.

Ingredients: Enriched flour, butter, palm oil, salt.

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