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Happy March!  It is 43 degrees Fahrenheit outside my home this morning.  I can handle 43 degrees, it is the teens and single digits that make me shiver.

The weather has been, and continues to be, harsh.  A storm lashes California, snow in the Midwest, Central Plains, and the Northeast, Ice in the Ohio Valley, Mississippi Valley, and the Ozarks.  Strong thunderstorms are forecasted for my area, but not until Monday.

Today, March 1st, the weather is calm and peaceful.  ‘In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion,’ or for some areas the saying would be, ‘In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb’.  Is there any truth to this saying?  There is an abundance of weather sayings, as colorful as our imagination.

Many sayings are based on careful observations; some are accurate and some are only rhymes.  Some are based on ideas that there should be a balance in weather and life.  Personally, I think the balance is lost, hence the violent weather and extremes in temperatures that we have experienced during this winter.

During March, we tend to see more winter weather, along with a touch of spring warmth, and sometimes tornadoes.  March brings hope; the hope of Spring and all that follows.  Alas, this saying seems to be a rhyme, rather than a weather predictor.   

More March related lore?  A dry March and a wet May, Fill barns with corn and hay.  As it rains in March, so shall it rain in June.  My personal favorite: March winds and April showers, Bring forth May flowers. 1 A April Showers  <a 1" src=""> Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images 


Article: The Truth Behind “In Like a Lion out Like a Lamb” by Sandi Duncan

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