A Story Formula for Overcoming Depression

I've been getting this question through a few sources lately, from skribit to comments to email: How did you overcome your depression and anxiety via alternative methods?

And I think, God, where to start?!

(Let me first say that this is my experience; also, this is in no way about severe mental illness that may require medication.)

Briefly. When Marcy first met me about 15 years ago, she says I had the saddest, emptiest eyes, and yet, she could see someone in there desperately trying to get out.

plunged very deeply into depression at that point. It was bad enough
that I finally gave in and went to see a medical doctor, who promptly
wrote me prescriptions for both an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety.
(Both of which are still widely used today.)

For the first time in my life, I experienced a state of "no thought." It felt like relief.

It was not. It was just a new kind of numb, a more pleasant sort of apathy, a different vacancy.

I was off both medications within two months, and from then on out, I was determined to do this on my own.

An observation: People on anti-depressants are, from my own experience of them, still sad. Why?

Because they are putting a band aid on a broken limb; they are taking care of symptoms but not the underlying cause, and I won't say "disease" because, from my own experience, most people out there experiencing depression have a reason to be depressed. This is the key component that our current models of treatment ignore.

Our bodies are made of chemicals, and that is what contemporary, mainstream medicine is good at: the manipulation of chemicals.

But our souls are made of stories,
and no drug on this planet can help with your stories. They are what
they are. They must be integrated into your essence or they will always
be there. No amount of positive thinking will get rid of them. No
amount of medication, eating "right," supplements, herbals, or
exercise. No amount of avoidance. You will simply continue to live through them; you will react because of them; you will be their slave.


Until you learn this formula:  (GO HERE for the rest of this post)


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