Story Share: Rise of the Women

Herein lies the first couple pages of a new story that’s percolating in my brain. It’s outside the “Strangers” series I’m doing with Camp NaNoWriMo but thought I’d share it to see if it’s worth pursuing. Please like or comment on this post if you like what you read!

Women Power

Background: I was lamenting the differences between genders with a friend and we came up with a basic story line about killing off all the men. It started in jest, just venting, but it resulted in an Amazonian / Lysistrata / Valkyries type of modern story. I have an entire outline for this story and below is just the opening few pages. I’m simply wondering if it will be interesting to anyone else. The title is still just a placeholder. And of course, this is all my original work and I appreciate y’all treating it as such. Thanks!

In the not too distant future…

“Throughout history there have been great uprisings. Those of different nationalities overthrowing dictators, religious differences being overcome, and tyrants knocked down to be replaced with democracies. But this will be the greatest uprising of all time. This will end all issues and bring peace to the entire world at last. It will span all countries, all denominations, and all governments. Now is the time…the time of women!”

The clear, sweet voice of Robyn Saunders rang through loudspeakers throughout the world. Having risen to power through dedication and a conviction in her beliefs she now, in her 54th year on earth, was in the position to rule…everyone.

Over the past twelve years, she had slowly, methodically, and with great malice replaced many of the male world leaders with women. She’d replaced kings and emperors, men of wealth and power, and she herself had taken control of the greatest nation when she’d been elected President of the United States of America just this November. The communication grid was in place and now was the time to act. As the world sat on the verge of another senseless and violent war – a war brought about by men who could not discuss their differences, by those who sought violence before compromise, a war sure to bring nuclear weapons into play and mass destruction to many innocent bystanders – now was the time to rebel.

She smiled before continuing her speech, thankful for her group of internal advisers and technologically advanced female engineers. They had set up the grid for her – a series of cameras, audio recorders and sound systems. Throughout the world, in every corner, women could hear her impassioned words and be moved to act.

“Now my friends. Now is the time to act. You have been ready for years. Take action now. Turn on your brothers. Your husbands. Your fathers. Even your sons, if you must. Remove from this earth all those that have oppressed and ridiculed and trodden upon us. As a gender, let us take action and remove from the world those that would cause harm to another simply because they have the strength. Who believe they have the right because they have the might. Let fall your swords, ladies of the world. And as the blood runs into the earth, know that we will prevail.”

Around her, low screams began to pierce the air. Across the room on a bank of 100 monitors, scenes of female empowerment arose. Men cowered in corners as women shot, stabbed and with their own bare hands began to eradicate the largest predator on the planet – man.


From her bedroom, Lila Starr watched in horror as the news stations filled with scenes of a bloody aftermath. Males of every age were shot from behind as they fled from well-armed, well-trained bands of warrior woman. Dark red covered the streets as men staggered with wounds caused from knives and rocks. She could see men with skin ripped from their bones by long piercing fingernails. Mass graves were filling with men, shot over the long trenches. One station went so far as to show a group of high school boys cowering in a corner of a football field, still in uniform, as cheerleaders poured gasoline on them and then lit them on fire. There was no escape for any male, regardless of his demeanor, his personality or his sexual orientation. Robyn had actually done what she’d promised – overthrown the world for women.

Lila had grown up with Robyn; she had looked up to her once-upon-a-time nanny with awe and respect. Robyn had never taken crap from anyone, particularly men. At 40, Lila could still recall with perfect clarity the bedtime stories Robyn would tell her – modern takes on Lysistrata and Amazonian warriors. Robyn had had big dreams even as a teenager – she’d sworn to a young, impressionable Lila that one day women would rule the world. Lila had never imagined the extent to which Robyn would go to obtain those dreams. She believed it now without a doubt.


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