Story Share: Rise of the Women

A furious knocking on her front door drew Lila from her mindful wanderings and she raced to the living room. She peeked through the hole to see a dearest friend, fear etching every corner of his handsome face.

“Lila! Please! Let me in!” Brandon’s cracked voice came through clearly as she leaned heavily against the door. This man had been nothing but kind to her through the years they’d been neighbors. They’d helped each other through several bad relationships; both surprisingly had a penchant for choosing angry men as love interests. He was always the first person she thought of when she heard the word “friend”. But she couldn’t help him, not now.

The door eased her slow descent to the floor, where she sobbed quietly into her hands. Although he wouldn’t be able to hear her over his own pounding fists and screams of terror, she knew in her heart that his last thoughts would be that she had abandoned him in his greatest hour of need. One last loud thump against the door then all was…silent.

Through the peephole, behind her friend, Lila had seen the tight band of women advancing on her home. The leader had held a long sword steady and firm in her grasp. Had she let in her friend, Lila knew that the sword would have found her first, as a traitor to the cause, and still removed Brandon’s precious soul from the world. Lila would not have been able to help others if she had sacrificed herself so early in the game. For she was not a pawn, but another Queen. One to stand up to Robyn. Quite possibly, the only one to stand up to her.

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