The Story of The Six Year Old and Mr Hyde

Once upon a time there was a six year old who didn't get enough sleep. He went to school on Monday came home cranky, took a nap in the afternoon and stayed up too late. He went to school on Tuesday, came home, took a nap in the afternoon and claimed not to be tired at 10:00pm. He went to school on Wednesday, came home did his homework and became Mr. Hyde right around dinnertime. I was preparing dinner and he was have a screaming, yelling, jumping up and down, throw himself on the floor, terrible two tantrum because I wasn't doing a craft with him. (I probably wouldn't have done the craft anyway since I hate crafts but this time I had a legitimate excuse as I was COOKING DINNER!) Anyway, the hubby walks in on this rampage and informs the six year old that since our children don't behave like screaming gorillas (his words not mine) he must have been switched at birth. He proceeded to pretend call the hospital to tell them they made a terrible mistake. The six year old was not amused. At dinner, I informed Mr. Hyde that since he was misbehaving and telling us how he hates us and wishes he could make us disappear among other lovely thoughts which crossed his mind, he was no longer allowed to play his Nintendo DS for the rest of the week. Mr Hyde was never seen again.