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Thank you to all the good people that stopped by the Multimedia Lab and those that wanted to attended.Thanks also to Kraft Foods for sponsoring the lab. Example of My Idea 3x5 Cork Board

I'm suffering from a bad case of hindsight. There was so much we all wanted to share but were under time constrictions. Also folks at the session asked about additional resources. I t love digging up help and support resources for potential vloggers and anybody with access to a camera or camcorder.

Why A Storyboard?

If you are just talking at the camcorder don't need a storyboard. However, if you are telling a story with images and video or it is more complicated than a point and shoot video a storyboard can help you pre-visualize you video. It can help you save time and frustration.

Storyboarding can help to take the fear out of editing your video. You can reduce or eliminate "creator's block".

Analog Storyboarding

At the lab I used paper 3x5 cards. They are cheap, come in pretty colors and most important allow you one scene per card. You can change the scene order and experiment with different versions of your video.

Another resource is the paper storyboarding sheet. There are all kinds, find the one that fits your learning style. Here are a few samples to check out:

Digital Storyboarding

Now I know some of you haven't touched a pencil in ten years. I respect most modes of communication so for you digital ladies and gentlemen check out:


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