Storytelling Builds Bridges: I Want You To Know Me: Storytelling About Living with Mental Health Issues

In our lives, we tend to most often connect with those who are similar to us. We form groups and connections based on various similarities. It's easy to get stuck where we are known, where we are comfortable, but we have the opportunity to broaden our experience and increase empathy when we make an effort to connect with those outside our tribe(s). In this session, we let the power of storytelling take you inside someone else's world and experience. Listen. Learn. Relate. Understand. And ultimately bring that understanding back to your everyday life. In this session, you will hear the stories of those living with mental illness that will take you beyond the headlines and into real life, real struggle, and real joy. Find out how to amplify the needs and stories from this community and meet them right where they are.

Sarah Fader, Stigma Fighters
Elan Morgan,
A'driane Nieves,