Strange: Kim Kardashian Gets a 'Vampire' Blood Facial Treatment

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian got a blood facial (also known as a "vampire facial") this week. She was seen making a wry face as she had the agonizing procedure filmed for an episode of her reality show.

Kim Kardashian Blood Facial

Image: Kim Kardashian's Instagram feed

During the treatment, the doctor drew blood from Kim's arm with a huge needle. The platelets were then spun out from the blood, and a device filled with tiny needles was used to re-inject the final product back into her face. The unusual procedure is supposed to make her look more youthful and smooth out wrinkles.

While the first-time mother-to-be had the finished product re-injected into her face, she said, "Oh my God, that hurts so bad. I will never get a facelift if it hurts like that."

The procedure lasts for about 15 months, and it cost about $1,500 per session.

What do you think about blood facials? Would you ever get one?


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